Unfinished Birch Floor

Unfinished Birch Floor

Birch is a very light-colored hard wood, with  evenly-sized pores that give the wood a fine texture and an even grain.  It is stiff, strong, dense, and extremely tough, with excellent shock resistance. It is notably resistant to abrasive wear; and for this reason, it is the hardwood flooring of choice for such high-traffic/hard-use locations as bowling alleys, basketball courts, and other sports facilities.

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Product Details

● Hikon floor manufactures unfinished hardwood flooring boards for factory finishing or finishing on the premises once installed. Backed by more than 10 years of experience. Hikon chooses only the very best hardwood suppliers and applies the highest industry standards to grading in order to deliver exceptional quality flooring.

● Thanks to cutting-edge equipment, Hikon is an industry leader in the precision of board thickness. In other words, Hikon's prefinished birch floor is the industry's smoothest, most equal boards when compared to each other

● To deliver high-quality floor board, our equipment combines infinite flexibility in the definition of restriction of defects with efficient, consistent production of all floor types. 

Please contact our sales director, Mr. Kai Yang, for more information by clicking owen1983_1983@163.com to send your valued mail to us.

Unfinished Birch Floor

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