Prefinished Beech Floor

Prefinished Beech Floor

Beech is a heavy,  medium-to-hard wood which is light straw in color with pinkish tones to cherry reddish brown heartwood. It has a fine, tight grain similar in appearance to maple or birch woods.  Beech is sometimes said to possess a silvery sheen to its surface.  Beech wood has a high shock resistance and  takes stains well.  It is a good choice for high traffic areas with minimal color change over time.

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Product Details

Hikon's prefinished beech floor is adopting special Permadur, Biotec or SST surface treatment to professional sports floor to achieve the effect of anti-skidding and anti-astringent. With this treatment, the floor surface will be more smooth, attractive, rugged and easily maintained.

Hikon's prefinished beech floor is adopting standard roller coating technology to ensure the surface coated with more than 10 layers of UV paints, which bring out better hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance,fire resistance and make the floor easier to be cleaned.

Hikon's prefinished beech floor is adopting special anti-skidding treatment. The performance of the floor can be adjustable based on different kinds of sports and meet the requirement for friction accordingly.

Hikon's prefinished beech floor is done at factory to ensure good quality and healthy environment of stadiums.

Prefinished Beech Floor

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