• E0 Evcalyptus Plywood

    E0 Evcalyptus Plywood

    We have a longstanding reputation for manufacturing the highest-quality commodity and specialty Evcalyptus plywood.Read More

  • Laminate Floor OEM

    Laminate Floor OEM

    Hikon floor is dedicated to offering laminate floor OEM for our customers.Read More

  • Unfinished Ash Floor

    Unfinished Ash Floor

    Similar to White Oak but more yellow in tone, Ash is an excellent choice for a light to medium toned floor, and offers excellent impact resistance. It varies in color from blond cream to darker tans and browns, and is similar to white oak but more yellow hues.Read More

  • MDF Laminate Floor

    MDF Laminate Floor

    Decorative Veneered MDF laminate floor provides a product with high quality, real wood face veneers combined with an easily machined and consistent core.Read More

  • Unfinished Beech Floor

    Unfinished Beech Floor

    Beech is a heavy,  medium-to-hard wood which is light straw in color with pinkish tones to cherry reddish brown heartwood. It has a fine, tight grain similar in appearance to maple or birch woods.  Beech is sometimes said to possess a silvery sheen to its surface.  Beech wood...Read More

  • Unfinished Oak Floor

    Unfinished Oak Floor

    Oak is a popular choice for hardwood flooring because of its fine grain, durability and light color. It varies in color from white to creamy tan to light browns and grays.  It can be used in traditional or contemporary design, with many  grade, stain and finishing options...Read More

  • Engineered Floor OEM

    Engineered Floor OEM

    Hikon Floor supply an eclectic range of real wood veneer finished plywood floor products for customer’s own brand and label.Read More

  • Unfinished Birch Floor

    Unfinished Birch Floor

    Birch is a very light-colored hard wood, with  evenly-sized pores that give the wood a fine texture and an even grain.  It is stiff, strong, dense, and extremely tough, with excellent shock resistance. It is notably resistant to abrasive wear; and for this reason, it is the...Read More

  • Unfinished Hard Maple Floor

    Unfinished Hard Maple Floor

    Hard maple is heavy, hard, strong, tough, stiff, close grained and possesses a uniform texture. Excellent resistance to abrasion, indentation and shock. Often the heart stock, shows black mineral lines and darker grey streaking. The best wearing of the hardwoods. Rich, warm...Read More

  • HDF Laminate Floor

    HDF Laminate Floor

    Decorative Veneered HDF laminate floor provides a product with high quality, real wood face veneers combined with an easily machined and consistent core.Read More

  • Medium Gloss Laminate Floor

    Medium Gloss Laminate Floor

    Medium gloss finish accents rustic character and contemporary texture for the look of natural laminate flooring.Read More

  • Low Gloss Laminate Floor

    Low Gloss Laminate Floor

    Low gloss laminate flooring pattern is one of options for the customer classified by grade of surface gloss. This design is to fit the wide range variety of customer's need.Read More

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