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Study Tour To Hikon's Factory
- Jan 16, 2019 -

At the day of Jan 6th, 2019, Hikon Wood Flooring organized a impressive visit and production practice at its production base. All sales people exerted their full attention to each process of wool floor manufacturing, even some guys operated the machines by themselves under the instruction of our technicians in order to receive deeper impression on flooring technology. 


Hikon Wood Flooring selects the high-quality maple logs from North America and Changbai Mountain of China. For each log, the diameter is no less than 44cm for ensuring consistent quality of our panels.


The completion for each panel will experience more than ten sections of manufacturing, which starts from selection of wood, slicing, cutting, lacquering,etc. All our production people make each step of their own to the best can be made, so that good reputation of Hikon is extended in flooring industry.


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