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Rotary Cut Wood
- Jan 03, 2019 -

Rotary cut wood is where one cut a log like a role of toilet paper. This way of cutting will have a limited length. Specs are ofter from 300 mm to 1200mm long. Longer is not a good idea for rotary cut. On the right hand we see a linear cut wood. This can cut any size in length and will produce our spec in long length. Linear cut is the way engineered wood flooring should me made.

Rotary cut wood is to be recognized as wood with a grain that is very much disturbed and on many areas quite wide. Linear cut wood has nice more straight grains and more delicate in width. A linear cut wood in long length and in a nice straight grain is the way engineered wood should look like. Short length rotary cut wood is a very budget line, compare with our prices and you will see if there is such a difference between a good looking linear cut engineered wood flooring and a low grade rotary cut one.

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